What Facilities Does Treasure Crest Offer to Its Residents?

In Treasure Crest project, you will get many different options as you can choose to buy a flat that you think is the best suited for you. If you are confused, you can also take the help from any agent as that will help you even more in the matter of having a flat that is good in order to fulfill all of your needs. You can buy 1, 2, or 3 bedroom flats and if you are willing to spend some extra money on getting something that is extra good for you, there are premium flats and even condos.

Treasure Crest is the place where you know all your dreams are fulfilled, as here you will see many facilities that are commonly not provided by many other housing societies, from kids’ playground to shopping malls, you will get everything that is important in life. Here you will get the following amenities.

Swimming Pool

When it is the hot season who doesn’t want to have the best time swimming in the cool water to beat the heat of summer? When it comes to pools, they are very helpful, as with them you can get a good time spending with your friends, you can tan there, swim in water and have fun. If you have kids, you know that you can also play games with them along the pool side, so now this is surely a lot of fun that you can have only in the Treasure Crest EC.


Fitness Facilities

To be a healthy human being, it is very important that you must exercise, and here in the Treasure Crest you will get all that too, as here you will get tracks along the parks on which you can jog or walk whenever you want and with this you can also join the gym that is present here in the society. Surely the developers of the Treasure Crest care a lot about those people who will live here.



You do not have to worry at all if you are moving here with your family and kids, as there are many good schools that can educate your children in the best possible way. Rest assured that your kids will get the best education if you choose to purchase a flat in Treasure Crest EC.


Tennis Court

It is not important to buy expensive gadgets to stay fit or get an expensive membership in a club. Treasure Crest EC has the solution as it has a large tennis court where residents can come to have fun regardless of their age.